mardi 11 juillet 2017

NETGEAR unveils Nighthawk X4S AC3200 WiFi DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem Router (C7800)

Having two items in one isn't always the best idea. When I was a kid, it was fairly popular to buy a television with an integrated VCR. The problem? When the VCR broke, you had a TV with a non-working video player in it forever. Hilariously, it wasn't uncommon to see people plug standalone VCR units into the televisions when that happened. It looked silly. The trend continued later with TVs that had built-in DVD players. Today, NETGEAR unveils an all-new two-in-one product that is actually very cool. The Nighthawk X4S (C7800), as it is called, is an AC3200 WiFi Cable Modem Router.… [Continue Reading]

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