mercredi 2 août 2017

Get 'Virtualization Essentials, Second Edition' ($21 value) FREE for a limited time

Virtualization Essentials, Second Edition takes a learning-by-doing approach to give you hands-on training and a core understanding of virtualization. As more and more companies are leveraging virtualization, it's imperative that IT professionals have the skills and knowledge to interface with virtualization-centric infrastructures. Virtualization Essentials, Second Edition provides new and aspiring IT professionals with immersive training in working with virtualization environments. Clear, straightforward discussions simplify complex concepts, and the hands-on tutorial approach helps you quickly get up to speed on the fundamentals. SEE ALSO: Get 'Learn Linux in 5 Days' for FREE This ebook will help you: Understand how virtualization works Create a virtual machine… [Continue Reading]

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