mercredi 9 août 2017

Leaked exploits and hacking tools enable the surge of cyber attacks in 2017

Last year, the interconnectedness of cybercrime was demonstrated by a variety of supply chain hacks and other well-known cybersecurity issues that coalesced to create massive botnets powered by compromised Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. The events from the first half of 2017 highlight another long-developing issue, which has been made worse by a variety of data dumps from actors such as WikiLeaks, TheShadowBrokers, and others: the leakage of state-sponsored and cybercriminal hacking tools and exploits. Much like leaked personal data, once those vulnerabilities, exploits, and tools are exposed, they forever remain in the cybercriminal public domain. The May outbreak of WannaCry ransomware… [Continue Reading]

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