mercredi 31 août 2016

HP unveils fashionable Pavilion Wave home desktop and modular Elite Slice workstation

Windows laptops and tablets are constantly improving. They get thinner, faster, and more beautiful every year. But what about home desktop PCs and business workstations? Save for some wild-looking gaming rigs, these desk-bound and often-rectangular PCs have become quite stagnant. Quite frankly, their conservative designs can stifle inspiration. HP is looking to change this. With what the company calls a 'reinvention', it unveils the fashionable Pavilion Wave home desktop PC and modular Elite Slice business workstation. While calling these machines a desktop PC reinvention might be a bit of an exaggeration, they are certainly interesting. Pavilion Wave For home users, the Pavilion Wave should be quite attractive… [Continue Reading]

HP announces trio of cloud-oriented business products

HP has launched three new products to help businesses move their workloads into the cloud computing environment easier. The trio includes the t630 Thin Client, ThinPro 6, and VMware Blast. The t630 Thin Client allows for the streamlining of current cloud-based deployments, comes with next generation, x86 quad-core systems-on-a-chip developed by AMD, and offers AMD Radeon graphics. The ThinPro 6 is powered by a 64-bit Linux operating system, and comes with a tool-less BIOS update, allowing simple upgrades, both locally and remotely. And finally VMware Blast is based on H.264, or MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) standard, and improves both mobile… [Continue Reading]

Geekbench 4.0 arrives, offers new GPU Compute benchmarks

Primate Labs has announced the release of Geekbench 4.0 for desktop, Android and iOS. Geekbench 4 sees the benchmarking app merge its mobile and desktop datasets into a single, cross-platform workload. Other changes see a redesigned user interface on both mobile platforms, plus new workloads across the suite’s CPU and GPU benchmarks, including a new GPU Compute category. Version 4’s main change is that it no longer needs to make compromises to run well on mobile devices, thanks to the technological advances seen in recent years. Geekbench 3 was released when 32-bit devices with 512MB RAM were the norm; today,… [Continue Reading]

What businesses need to know about a mobile strategy

Mobile was once the concern of IT managers. But now that the responsibility for business mobility has spread to every part of the enterprise, with a mobile first strategy becoming increasingly prevalent, it’s essential that the CEO sits up and pays attention. Mobile is now an intrinsic part of everyday life and has spilled into the workplace via Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Chose Your Own Device (CYOD). As a consequence the CEO needs to have mobile as a key consideration, because as the old adage goes "not having a plan is planning to fail". The bottom line is… [Continue Reading]

PewDiePie kicked off Twitter for joking about ISIS

YouTube 'personality' (or walking, talking, narcissistic ego with a webcam, depending on your point of view) PewDiePie has been kicked off Twitter -- just like @Nero. It comes just a day after the internet star was stripped of his blue verification checkmark. The debacle kicked off when Pewdi… sorry, Felix Kjellberg... lost his blue badge and he subsequently posted a video in which he revealed the 'reason' for this. A fake news story had popped up suggesting he had links with ISIS, and Kjellberg used his video to 'joke' that he had in fact joined ISIS. The ban hammer swiftly… [Continue Reading]

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14915 for PC and Mobile arrives on the Fast ring

It’s been a while since Microsoft rolled out a new Windows 10 preview build for Insiders on the Fast ring. The software company has been busy putting together future plans for the new OS, and promises we’ll see the results of these endeavors in the coming months. Today, however, Microsoft rolls out new Build 14915 for PC and Mobile, with the primary focus being on improving app and update downloads. Microsoft introduced a BitTorrent-like Delivery Optimization feature in the Windows 10 November Update, but from today Insiders who have the feature enabled will be able to use it to download… [Continue Reading]

How much does it cost to start a business in UK?

How much money do you think it needs to kickstart a business in UK? A couple of thousands? Maybe go straight into five figures? Wrong. According to a new report by cloud accounting software provider FreeAgent, you probably don't need any money. The company surveyed micro-business owners and freelancers in the UK, and according to the results 44 percent of business starters required no funds at all. Almost the exact same percentage (43 percent) used their personal savings, and that was enough. Four percent borrowed money from friends or family, two percent used either credit card or bank loan, while… [Continue Reading]

Samsung unveils two new Tizen-powered smartwatches -- Gear S3 Classic and Frontier

Smartwatches are curious products. Consumers are not flocking to the segment as they did for smartphones and tablets. Why? Some would say it is because the wearables duplicate the functionality of their existing devices. Fitness aside, many consumers seem to be awaiting some sort of "must have" aspect before jumping into the smartwatch waters. With that said, the Apple Watch seems to have the brightest future with its focus on medical conditions and overall well-being. It is not clear if health can drive segment growth, however. Today, Samsung announces its latest smartwatches -- the S3 Classic (top right) and Frontier (top left). These Tizen-powered wearables feature a 1.3… [Continue Reading]

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 delayed due to quality issues -- exploding batteries suspected

The Galaxy Note 7 has received some extremely positive reviews. The Guardian described it "as without doubt, the best phablet going" and Engadget declared it "Samsung’s best phone yet". High praise indeed. If you were hoping to get your hands on the new smartphone there’s some bad news. Shipments of the new devices are being delayed while Samsung conducts additional quality control testing. There’s no word on the reason for the additional tests, although Reuters says some Note 7 users in South Korea have reported the batteries in their phones exploding. That seems a likely reason for the extra tests… [Continue Reading]

Syncwire's four-port USB charger is great for traveling [Review]

Multiport USB chargers are great for topping up the battery on a couple of mobile devices at the same time when you are on the go. They do not take much space in a bag, only require a single wall socket, and support a wide range of smartphones and tablets. Some are better than others though. Syncwire's four-port USB charger is designed with travelers in mind. The main benefits, over many other multiport USB chargers that you can find, are the included travel adapters that allow it to be used with US, UK, and EU sockets and its cord-free design that… [Continue Reading]

Forty percent of enterprise networks show evidence of DNS tunneling

DNS tunneling is a significant security threat that can enable cybercriminals to insert malware or pass stolen information into DNS queries, creating a covert communication channel that bypasses most firewalls. A new report released by network control company Infoblox reveals that 40 percent of the enterprise files it tested in the second quarter of this year show evidence of DNS tunneling. "In the physical world, burglars will go to the back door when you've reinforced and locked the front door. When you then secure the back door, they'll climb in through a window," says Rod Rasmussen, vice president of cybersecurity… [Continue Reading]

Acer Chromebook R 13 is a touchscreen convertible with Android app support

A lot of pundits like to put down the Linux-based Chrome OS for being deficient compared to more mature desktop operating systems. True, both Windows 10 and macOS are far more useful and powerful -- for now -- but the beauty of Chrome OS is its simplicity. It is arguably the most secure platform too, least likely to experience malware and vulnerabilities. Chromebooks rock, y'all! With all of that said, Android app support is slowly being rolled-out to some Chromebooks, potentially making them much more useful. Hopefully this does not impact security, however. Today, Acer announces a 13.3-inch touchscreen convertible called 'Chromebook… [Continue Reading]

Google to take on Uber and Lyft, using Waze to offer ride-sharing

Google's seemingly relentless expansion into just about every field of business looks set to continue as the company prepares to enter the ride-sharing arena. The likes of Lyft and Uber have already proved that there is a strong demand for such car-pooling services. Following on from a pilot program in San Francisco, Google is set to make use of its Waze app to put commuters in touch with each other. Come the end of 2016, the program will be opened up to anyone in the Bay Area, with the possibility of a wider expansion later. During the testing period, Waze… [Continue Reading]

Why ransomware should be feared by companies of all sizes

Ransomware is a powerful cyberthreat that can bring any organization to its knees. It’s a popular tactic among hackers looking for financial gain, or to take down an organization for political or moral reasons -- and it works. In 2015, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received 2,453 complaints identified as ransomware, resulting in more than $1.6 million in company losses. While some think ransomware is only a threat to large enterprises or government organizations, recent activity shows that it doesn’t discriminate based on the size or significance of an organization. According to a warning from the FBI earlier this… [Continue Reading]

Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi-Device Bluetooth Mouse is perfect for Linux dual-booters

Nowadays, running more than one operating system on your computer is a breeze. Modern Linux-based operating system installers, for instance, take most of the hard work out of setting things up -- it used to be a much more difficult affair. It is not uncommon for people to dual-boot, say, Windows and Ubuntu. Heck, some folks even tri-boot with OS X. A problem with running multiple operating systems on one machine is Bluetooth pairing. If you own a Bluetooth mouse, for instance, every time you switch the OS, you have to pair again. This becomes extremely tedious. Today, Logitech announces a product… [Continue Reading]

Google's new In App Search mode finds content in your installed Android apps as well as online

Google has announced an update to the search function on Android devices. Helpfully named In Apps, the new search mode makes it possible to not only search online for information, but to scour the apps you have installed. The update means that it's now easier than ever to find particular messages, files, videos and contacts. There's no need to have a data connection to make use of the new search mode, meaning that Android search now operates far more like searching from the Start menu in Windows 10. If you fire up the Google app on your phone or tablet,… [Continue Reading]

View and search huge log files with glogg

Glogg is an open-source tool for viewing and searching even the largest and most complex log files. The program opens files very quickly, because it reads data directly from disk and doesn’t try to load it entirely into memory. It’s a smart move which also means there’s no limit on the size of files you can view. Glogg’s interface is simple and uncluttered, allowing anyone to use it as a plain text viewer. Open a log, browse the file, and the program grabs and displays new log lines as they’re added. There’s also a search box. Enter a plain text… [Continue Reading]