lundi 31 juillet 2017

1Password updates Windows edition with One-Time Password clipboard support

A password manager should be an essential tool. Unless you’re prepared to use the same password across many sites (which is a huge security hazard) or have a memory like Einstein, trying to remember all your passwords is nearly impossible. One solution would be to write your passwords on paper, which you keep at home. We know people that do this and there’s nothing wrong with a hard copy, provided it's kept super-safe. Problem is, if you need to access a website when you holiday or on the road, you don’t have your passwords to hand. The obvious solution is a… [Continue Reading]

Businesses don't know how to protect against DDoS attacks

A distributed denial of service or DDoS is a method used to deny access for legitimate users of an online service. This service could be an e-commerce website, a bank, a SaaS application, or any other type of network service. Some attacks even target VoIP infrastructure. DDoS attacks are becoming threatening to every type of business. Whether, ecommerce or other online business, none of the firms are safe these days. The situation turned grave especially since 2010 onwards. Hundreds of businesses, both small and large, have lost millions of dollars because of the DDoS attacks. Blizzard of DDoS attacks to… [Continue Reading]

HBO hack leads to Game of Thrones leak

HBO is the latest company to suffer a hack and subsequent leak of shows. Hackers are said to have breached the network's security and gained access to 1.5TB of data including Game of Thrones scripts and unaired episodes of shows. Episodes of Ballers and Room 104 have been leaked online, but it is the release of what appears to the script to next week's Game of Thrones that's drawing the most attention. See also: If you're downloading Game of Thrones, HBO has its eye on you The hack and leak was first reported by Entertainment Weekly who quotes HBO as saying: "HBO… [Continue Reading]

Apple can start 5G trials

Apple is getting a jump start on testing 5G mobile networks following a new ruling in the USA. DSLReports claims that the iPhone maker has been granted an experimental license to begin work on the next-generation networks by the Federal Communications Commission watchdog The tests will be carried out on the short-range wave spectrum in the 28GHz and 39GHz bands, which were allocated by the FCC last year for companies looking to undertake 5G tests. "Apple Inc. seeks to assess cellular link performance in direct path and multipath environments between base station transmitters and receivers using this spectrum," the application states. Due to… [Continue Reading]

Microsoft kills Word Flow keyboard app, tells iOS users to install SwiftKey

Microsoft Garage is the place where many cool little projects take off. Word Flow, the iOS version of the keyboard that ships with Windows on smartphones, is among the more popular experiments, receiving positive reviews since its launch, more than a year ago. But, like with other Microsoft Garage endeavors, that is not always enough to keep it alive. The software giant has pulled Word Flow from the App Store, telling users to give its other, better-known keyboard a try. Microsoft does not say why development has ended. The keyboard's description on the Microsoft Garage only reveals that "The Word… [Continue Reading]

Cyber criminals target mortgage transactions as they phish for a big catch

Buying a house is the biggest purchase most people make, with large amounts of money involved it’s not surprising that these transactions are attractive to cyber criminals. Security specialist Barracuda Networks has released an analysis of a recent mortgage spear phishing attempt where an attacker attempted to divert a payment. The scam works by sending an email, supposedly from the buyer's mortgage company, notifying a switch of banks and requesting payment be wired to a different account. In the stress of organizing a house purchase it's easy to see how people could fall victim to this type of attack. Though… [Continue Reading]

AUKEY EP-B40 Latitude Wireless Earbuds: earphones for people who hate earphones [Review]

Let's get one thing out of the way: I hate earphones. I always have. This is not an irrational hatred, I've always liked the idea of in-ear buds -- I've just never been able to use them. The problem, it seems, lies with my right ear. To my knowledge it is a perfectly normally-formed ear, but it is singularly incompatible with earphones -- while the left will grip the bud nicely, the right vomits it out in next to no time. So, I have long shied away from earphones, opting instead for either fully enclosed headphones, or the clip-on variety.… [Continue Reading]

Google improves Gboard keyboard for iPhone with YouTube and Maps support

When Apple added support for third-party keyboards on iOS, many users were excited. To be honest, I was not, however. While I appreciate having the choice, I much prefer privacy. You see, when you add a third-party keyboard, the developer can potentially intercept your keystrokes. If you are OK with that, more power to you. Me? I'll stick to the stock variant, thank you very much. But OK, let's say you don't like Apple's keyboard and trust Google with your entries. If that is the case, the search giant's Gboard is a very impressive offering. It is more than just a… [Continue Reading]

Don't buy Android if you care about mobile photography, says former Google SVP

Flagships like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8 all have such great cameras that it can be really hard to definitively say which one is the best option for mobile photographers. Reviews, comparisons and blind tests all point to different winners, but, more often that not, you will usually find an Android smartphone at the top. Vic Gundotra, who lead Google's mobile efforts for a couple of years, helped create Google+ and is an avid photographer, has a rather different opinion, claiming that Android is actually "a few years behind" the iPhone for mobile photography, and that, if… [Continue Reading]

Samsung launches new platform to monetize IoT data

The IoT can represent a cultural shift for hardware makers as they move from just selling hardware to providing a connected digital experience. But supplying applications and supporting an ecosystem of third-party devices, apps and services has a cost which either needs to be absorbed or factored into the price of the product. Samsung is addressing this problem with the launch of its ARTIK Cloud Monetization, a new service to monetize the data shared by IoT devices and enable an IoT data economy. ARTIK Cloud Monetization provides a complete brokering, metering and payments system. It gives device manufacturers an easy… [Continue Reading]

AMD officially launches Radeon RX Vega for elite gamers

There are many reasons to be a fan of AMD nowadays. For instance, many of the underdog's products offer solid performance at a great price (budget-friendly), plus its fan community is really engaged too. If you need support, not only can you reach out to AMD, but countless friendly fellow owners as well. Heck, AMD Windows drivers have really improved over the years too, making it a treat to upgrade when a new version is released. AMD doesn't only want to be about the budget-friendly market, however. It is prepared to go after the high-end too. Going against the giant that is… [Continue Reading]

Data capture techniques fail to keep pace with demands for real-time analysis

Organizations using extract, transfer and load (ETL) and Changed Data Capture (CDC) technologies are struggling to keep up with today's demand for real-time data analysis, with negative effects on their business opportunities and efficiency. This is one of the findings of a new study by IDC, sponsored by software company InterSystems which highlights a growing need for reliable real-time data analytics in today's enterprise. More than 75 percent of respondents believe untimely data has inhibited business opportunities and 27 percent indicate it has negatively affected their productivity or agility. Untimely data is also slowing the pace of business, with 54… [Continue Reading]

Canonical shows how to choose a winning IoT business model

The Internet of Things (IoT) is more than just the latest buzzword -- although it arguably started off life as such. Just as with any developing technology or trend, it is eyed with suspicion and eagerness in equal measure, but many businesses simply don't know where to start. Ubuntu-maker Canonical has conducted research with IoT professionals, and it reveals the challenges and opportunities offered by the IoT. It highlights what needs to be considered in the areas of monetization, skills and security, and signals a way forward for businesses looking to make headway in this relatively new arena. Like social… [Continue Reading]

D-Link Covr AC3900: a solid choice for the most demanding Wi-Fi users [Review]

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You finally broke down and shelled out a bunch of money on the latest 4K HDR TV, or laptop, or computer monitor -- or all three. You eagerly sign into your favorite streaming service, navigate to the 4K Ultra HD section, and break out the popcorn. And then...buffering...dropped connections...and that streaming provider so very conveniently bumping you down to a lower resolution so you can have a "better" and interruption-less experience. Shoot. Time to call your ISP and request an upgrade to the highest-tier Internet speeds they can provide. Sure it's an extra $40… [Continue Reading]

The new Surface Pro is Microsoft's best hybrid device yet [Review]

Microsoft sent shockwaves around the technology world back in 2013 when it released the first edition of its Surface Pro. As its first computing release, the device was a bold change by a company best known for its software, but the success of this initial model, and the three successive releases, have proved it to be a shrewd idea. Released last month, the latest edition of the Surface Pro has dropped the model number seen in previous generations, meaning this product goes back to basics when it comes to naming, however when it comes to what's inside, the device has… [Continue Reading]

Putin bans VPNs and proxies in Russia as Apple explains pulling VPNs from Chinese App Store

VPNs and proxies are now illegal in Russia after Vladimir Putin signed a new law which prohibits technology that can be used to access websites that are banned in the country. The law also prevents people from using tools to stay anonymous online, and a second law requires users of messaging tools to be identifiable through their phone numbers. As Russia hardens it implementation of government-imposed censorship, Apple has explained the sudden disappearance of around 60 VPN tools from the Chinese version of its App Store. The actions of both countries are seen as attempts to further thwart freedom of… [Continue Reading]

dimanche 30 juillet 2017

BT offers to pump £600 million into rural broadband

While the UK enjoys a fairly decent level of broadband coverage, there are still plenty of people struggling with relatively slow connections. It's a problem that's particularly common in rural areas, and BT has offered to stump up £600 million to ensure that more rural homes have decent connections by 2020. The UK government had already indicated that it wants every home in the country to have access to an internet connection of at least 10Mbps and plans to introduce rules that will permit customers to "demand" such speeds. BT's investment -- through its Openreach subsidiary -- would bring 10Mbps+… [Continue Reading]